Western Wall fragment Violin composition

Notes by Andrew on the violin composition:

1) Distortion of the sound according to loss of picture
2) Murmur of the crowds (manipulated to sound distant yet constant) – trying to give a feeeling of witnessing it but not being THERE
3) Violin based on Hassidic melody performed by Boris Yevarechecha.
Played in a western style/western harmony -> Trying to show the breadth of Jewish migration and also that we are not THERE witnessing it.
Also, it has an irregular metre (timing) which aims to give a sense of timelessness…
It is also sorrowful = Mourning the destruction of the temple
4) Prayer emerges whenever you see a book…
5) I have reversed the “soundscape” and the piano when the woman is walking backwards (just a trick to denote movement)
6) The crowd fades out just leaving the violin at the end with the man alone with his torah. Tries to suggest that religion is also a personal thing although judaism is wrapped up in its global community


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