Shooting “Tree of Life”

It is my birthday ! I rent a car to go to Wadi Qelt and shoot  “Tree of Life ” , Noor and James helped me out . It was a lovely day .  We were listen to the landscape and suddenly the sound of airforce helicopter broke our peaceful time. the sound of metal .

Some of the still are taken by James Johnson

IMG_5599-11 IMG_5600-12 IMG_5604-13 IMG_5607-14 IMG_5898-1IMG_5609-15IMG_5610-16 IMG_5903-3IMG_5614-17 IMG_5617-18IMG_5618-19 IMG_5625-20 IMG_5917-6 IMG_5922-7 IMG_5923-8IMG_5910-4 IMG_5914-5 IMG_5928-9 IMG_5631-21 IMG_5633-22 IMG_5637-25IMG_5643-26  


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